The MSNS lab is based on the Department of Materials of the University of Milano-Bicocca. Our research is mainly devoted to the experimental investigation of semiconductors, oxides, and their interfaces, silicon and germanium nanostructures, MoS2 growth, and magnetic thin films for advanced and innovative nanoelectronic, spintronic, and neuroelectronic devices. The research activity is also carried out in collaboration with the CNR-IMM-MDM Laboratory, and leading semiconductor industries, Micron and ST. 

Latest news

Ph.D. or Post-doctoral position starting in 2023 on Silicon based devices for quantum information processing

A Ph.D. or Post doctoral position on the characterization, with electron spin resonance (EPR) and related techniques, of devices for quantum information processing baseed on donor ensemble in silicon and germanium. Experience in EPR and microwaves electronics is  required. Contact: Prof. Marco Fanciulli, marco.fanciulli@unimib.it

Seminar on Quantum Technology

Dr. Frederico Martins

Team Leader and Senior Research Scientist, Quantum Information Team

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK



Using atom-like spins in semiconductors toward scalable quantum computing

Department of Materials Science, U5, Seminar Room first floor November 30, 13:30

40-Poster ISSSP-82-2022 ok.pdf

Workshop on Unconventional Computing

Erice, October 20-26, 2022

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